ENGAGE (An Infrastructure for Open, Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities and Citizens)

Framework Programme 7

Title   An Infrastucture for Open, Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities and Citizens
Acronym ENGAGE
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Programme Framework Programme 7
Description Information and Communication Technologies have an unprecedented potential to improve the responsiveness of governments to the needs of citizens and have long been recognized as a key strategic tool to enable reforms in the public sector. During the last years, this potential of ICT has started to be dealt with in a multi-disciplinary way, giving bearth to new research communities dealing with governance and policy modelling, modelling and simulation of complex systems, public administration information systems, open governance and social media. However, this potential is to this day non-systematically exploited, as there are significant barriers that hinder the effective exploration, management and distribution of the vast amounts of available public sector data towards the research communities. The main goal of ENGAGE project is the deployment and use of an advanced service infrastucture, incorporating distributed and diverse public sector information resources as well as data curation, semantic annotation and visualization tools, capable of supporting scientific collaboration and governance-related research from multi-disciplinary scientific communities, while also empowering the deployment of open governmental data towards citizens.
Start Date 04/04/2011
Duration 36 Months

National Technical University of Athens

tudelftt Technology University of Delft Nederlands
microsoft Microsoft Innovation Centre in Greece Greece
aegean_1 University of the Aegean Greece
ibm IBM Research Israel, Haifa Research Lab IBMIL State of Israel
intrasoft Intrasoft International Greece
science_and_technology Science Technology Facilities Council UK
fraunhofer FOKUS Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems Germany
eurocris Euro Current Research Information Systems Belgium